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October 7, 2015

Bongbong Marcos for now declares he is vying for the vice-presidency.

He seems to be setting his sights too low; he should be taking a crack at the Presidency instead.  The competition on that level is relatively weak, indeed, he could be a shoo-in.  But so will it be for the top post in the coming months.

I am betting that Grace Poe, the survey top-runner, would be disqualified eventually, or if not, the vexatious uncertainty of her qualifications for the post would sooner or later be weighing down on her campaign.  Donors would be scrimping on donations and voters too would be looking for someone else, as the cases filed against her gain more traction and clarity.  Being an independent candidate is going to make it all the more difficult for her.  Would anyone truly hedge his best bet on someone who could be declared unqualified in the end?

In the case of Jejomar Binay, the long-drawn out offensive against him on graft and corruption is apparently taking its bite.   In fact, his survey numbers are on precipitous decline and signs are that financing is actually drying up due to the freezing of his assets.  Meanwhile, the threat of arrest due to corruption charges is looming large.  Also, lurking behind are issues of health.   If one pays a closer attention, that old confident swagger too is gone.   The future of his campaign is not looking good.

That should leave the field more hospitable for Mar Roxas, the administration candidate.  But, no, he remains a weak, hard-sell candidate.   Roxas, with all the resources of government backing him up, could not seem to find the right groove to get things going for him,  worse, scandals seem to bedevil his campaign trail.    His lousy track record as a government executive will hound him till the end, no doubt.  Besides, do the people really want another six years of hypocritical “Daang Matuwid” and arrant incompetence?

Of course, there’s also Rodrigo Duterte who can’t seem to make up his mind.  But his popularity is only in the South.

Realistically speaking, the field is still wide open.  Everything remains very fluid.  Alliances are yet being built like a game of musical chairs.  Political parties and groupings, especially the big ones, like the NP and NPC, have not made final commitments yet.  The big players and big donors have their cards close to their chests, like poker players, anxiously trying to figure out the game and their next moves. Timing is of the essence, of course.  If at all, the way things are shaping up is rather inscrutable, erratic, out of the blue.   This is an entirely new ball game, to be sure, with all the unpredictabillity.  Even now, no one seems to be in control or is having an upperhand.     Up to the last minute, Bongbong Marcos  could still jump into the fray for the top post instead.  If he does, the political configuration will change anew.

After six years of administrative incompetence and blundering, the need of the time is for a President with the executive skills and savvy to get things done.  Just as PNoy rose from obscurity in answer to the need for a moral leader as an antithesis to one considered awfully corrupt, the time is ripe for one who is thoroughly competent, someone who could deliver, somebody who embodies the opposite of a fumbling amateur.  Of the leading personalities floating about, Bongbong Marcos seems cut for the task.  He has a track record to vouch for that.

But where are the old pillars and guardians of the Marcos legacy?  For sure, they have gone separate ways since, battered and beaten.  But like that old instinct that must answer to a call because its time has come, it may rise again if summoned to the surface.  There too are the multitude of youths who now see the Marcoses in a different light who could provide the new invigorating force.  And there are the legions of Filipinos who to this day remain hopeful of a vindication for the old man, Marcos. The once formidable Solid North could solidify once again as with other old Marcos bailiwicks as in old times.  The Ilocanos would vote as one once more to honor their own.

He can win.

But then winning is one.  Being a good President is another.  Is he himself scared of the job?


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