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October 12, 2015

There can be no such a thing as selective justice.   Justice cannot select for if a law should apply, like gravity, it must apply to all.  So if there be an appearance of selective justice, that is not Justice at work but something else.  They are elemental forces taking the guise of Justice.


You say you hate graft and corruption?  Examine yourself carefully.   Are you angry regardless of who are involved? Or you are angry only when involving the people you dislike.  If the latter, you are simply confusing your hate for the person for some noble value in you.  You hate the person, that’s all.


Do not be judgmental, the Good Book says.  There is also some practical reason for that: you could be wrong!  Do you know enough to render one?  May be not.  Can you ever take back the harsh words said?  Not anymore.   But even if you do, how will your judgement aid the Truth?


If you must accuse one of any wrongdoing, be very very sure, for ultimately, wrong accusations damn the accuser not the accused.


Do not be self-righteous.  Being self-righteous is not righteous.


If by the same standards by which you measured your enemy and found him wanting you too are weighed, will you pass the test?


The lessons you teach, you teach too to yourself.  (That’s for me.)

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