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April 14, 2016

Their nightmare is threatening to become reality and , oh, how horrified they are.  So the PCGG, the government agency that had been tasked to run after the family,  is now taking the lead, most likely with the express directive of President Aquino himself, in the final offensive aimed at derailing Bongbong Marcos’s VP campaign.  If the effort is going to produce the result they desire, we will see.  But they are likely going to be disappointed.   It is a wonder how it escapes them till now that the frontal attacks against him (books, mobile museum, daily bashing on mainstream media, Presidential speeches, manifestos, CARMMA, etc.) are producing precisely the reverse effect.

If you proceed from the premise that the people have forgotten,  or that the so-called Millenials are just poorly informed, or that Marcos propaganda has been so mesmerizing it got the entire nation thinking the so-called Dark Years never occurred, you are setting out from a wrong point of departure.  If you fail to see that, you have a problem.

I have discussed this often enough but for the purpose, let me do it again, in plain, unadorned manner.

Human rights violations.  How can you use that as an issue against Bongbong Marcos?  Because Bongbong is the son?   The sins of the parent, if sins there are, do not visit upon the children.  If you insist it should be, that is a fatal misjudgment.  If you think he must apologize for the father, the implication being that he is condemning him and admitting his father’s alleged sins, all the more.   In the first place, if you really have any issue on the matter of human rights violations,  why have you not taken this up with the two of the most prominent personalities involved?  They are alive and kicking: Senate minority leader Juan Ponce Enrile and former President Fidel Ramos.  You have not done so at all, which raises the question of intent.   Now, until you can explain this omission, you are just howling against the wind.  Besides, you have not really explained why you are singling out President Ferdinand Marcos, with all the vitriol and hatred, when all Presidents after him have the same issues .  How you can dog the son now for the same controversies without looking crazy, I do not know.

Hidden wealth.  If you google search “Marcos wealth” you will find many sites on the Internet dealing with the matter.  But that is the problem: you do not even want to take a look because you probably consider it an insult to your intelligence.   You call these “rubbish”, “crap”, “bullshit” and by similar other exclamations .  That is a blunder.  Because if you did, you would have found out why the so-called Millenials are at least giving the family the benefit of the doubt and that calling them Millenials gullible is likely going to offend and alienate them instead.   But, I will not explain any further.

Indeed, hatred has a way of corrupting the mind.  No wonder Bongbong’s campaign team is likely even welcoming it.

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