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April 29, 2016

President Aquino has once again reiterated his vow to stop Bongbong Marcos from winning the elections.   How he is going to do it, he is not saying, but one gets the feeling that he is determined to accomplish that commitment at all cost.  He has stated so in many instances that the Marcoses are the scourge of the earth and as President he most likely deems it his solemn duty  to save the Philippines from them. If by foul means, so be it:  the end justifies the means.   Because all attempts have all but failed so far, with Bongbong Marcos still topping the surveys, he and his band of Yellows must be contemplating on other alternatives by now.  Cheating seems to be that alternative.

You  think the Philippines is in peril from those you consider scourges of the earth.  The elections are near but the scourges are instead topping the surveys.  You wonder then how this very important decision of choosing the next leaders be ever left to the ‘stupid’ electorate.  You are the President with residual powers yet to set things right, especially because you think you’ve done a real great job and what a waste it would be if the scourges take over.  There is only one recourse left: cheat.  Well, you do what you have to do, right?

Indeed, the effort at laying down the ground work for saving the Philippines is already palpable: manipulated surveys, and early signs of cheating targeting Bongbong.

How the Marcos forces are going to counter the scheme remains to be seen.   But this early they must be forewarned that the anti-Marcos forces are out to stop Bongbong Marcos from winning the Vice-Presidency by hook or by crook— because he is a Marcos.

They want Leni Robredo. With her as Vice-President, they could move in quickly to try oust the President-elect, who in all likelihood could be another one of those they consider hoods.  With some luck, Leni Robredo, the Yellow candidate would be on the saddle in a matter of months.  Familiar scenario?

It is all about saving the Philippines because they believe the future of the nation is in grave danger with the bad guys and the people are just too stupid to decide for themselves.


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