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May 5, 2016

“To protect the country’s hard-fought democracy,” it is important to  stop a Rodrigo Duterte presidency and a Bongbong Marcos vice-presidency at all cost, so says President Aquino.  Coming from the torchbearer of the Yellow movement himself,  this statement, unseemly as it is, should not be taken lightly.  On the verge of losing presidential powers, the President’s true motivations are at best suspicious. Self-proclaimed champions of Democracy, the Yellows ironically are not above employing undemocratic and underhanded means to gain political control.  In fact, seen in a broader perspective, the game plan for the Yellows seems to be after the recapture of the presidency, not through their Presidential candidate, Mar Roxas, but through their vice-presidential candidate, Leni Robredo.

The game plan should be for Leni Robredo to win the Vice-presidency first, of course.   Rodrigo Duterte, the most likely winner, or whoever wins the presidency, would later on be dealt with, through impeachment, disqualification, or by other means. Once the President-elect is taken out of the way, Robredo then gets to succeed as President. Neat.  The Yellows, far from being finished, get to retake the highest power.

The ground work is obviously being set.  Robredo is now inexplicably leading the surveys.   It helps too that the three leading opposition candidates for President have issues that make them very vulnerable to the machinations of the Yellows.   Duterte is being besieged by allegations of unexplained wealth, his rough and uncouth ways and other issues aside.  Grace Poe has citizenship and residency issues with the Constitution.  Jejomar Binay, graft and corruption.

Impeachment is possibly in the works by now for Rodrigo Duterte because his win is almost certain. With the Joseph Estrada and Renato Corona template, Duterte could be in for big trouble even as he had barely warmed his seat.  This early you could sense a build up of forces determined to make it hell for him— even if he wins the election.

The Leni Robredo saga would indeed be for the books…

That is, of course, if the opposition presidential candidates and Marcos and their supporters do not smell their scheme. Indeed, it makes sense for the Duterte supporters to be pushing for Bongbong Marcos instead because this would effectively thwart the Yellows in their game plan.  Or is this why the three candidates have openly adopted Bongbong Marcos as their vice-president in the last days of the campaign?

To be sure, the Yellows are masters in this kind of game and they have the trophies to show for it.  They have led the successful ouster of two Presidents,  Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada,  in the process also seizing political power without the benefit of election. (They even used that expertise too on Chief Justice Renato Corona.)  They have also twice successfully created  and installed Presidents out of unlikely and unqualified personalities in Cory Aquino and Noynoy Aquino.   In this election, they have taken on Leni Robredo, again another unlikely candidate.   If they succeed again this time, she would be their third successful creation. Perched on the back of a legend in a dead husband and backed up by a massive promotional campaign, Leni Robredo could yet win this too.  And if the Yellows could replicate on Duterte their successes in ousting Presidents and a Chief Justice, Robredo would be President Leni Robredo in no time at all, with the Yellows, counted out as losers early on, instead of bowing out of power soon, to the great relief of many, ending up being the biggest winner of them all.

Perhaps it is also the desire to save the Republic from, in their view, the rascals and a stupid electorate, thus the Yellows could all be saying, the end justifies the means.   But, of course, it is likely more about the fear of losing power and the disadvantages that go with it.

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  1. Geon permalink
    May 9, 2016 3:06 pm

    Exactly my thoughts ever since media started instilling that Leni tops the surveys. Mind conditioning at its best. Marcos was endorsed by INC, El Shaddai, Quiboloy, etc. while Cayetano had solid #DuCay supporters. I was surprised (but not) that Leni pulled herself up too close to BBM’s upto today’s vote counting by just less than a million. It was too suspicious, why can’t people see it?

  2. May 10, 2016 3:40 pm

    She is the wife of the late interior minister Jesse Robredo & she is also a political reformer activist author & politician & vice president-elect of the Philippines since 5-9-2016 she is originally from Naga City Camarines Sur her name is Leni Robredo. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

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