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June 13, 2016

It seemed like a harmless omission for awhile, but the failure of presidential candidate Mar Roxas and his party, the Liberal party, to submit to the Comelec their Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) as required by the rules could yet explode into a political crisis so unexpected.  The problem revolves around some pretty categorical rules that require absolute compliance within clear, specific, non-extendable deadlines.  The consequences are staggering because winning LP members, national down to local,  who should assume office by noon of June 30 could not do so legitimately precisely for that deficiency.

Was it a case of casual neglect?  Maybe not.  The story behind could be more damning than we dare to think.

It’s interesting how they  will maneuver out of this complicated situation.  The genius of our legal professionals will surely be tested on this one.   Perhaps, a petition for TRO at the SC will be filed to compel the Comelec to suspend the rules on the grounds of “doubtful constitutionality”.  But will the enemies of LP let it pass without mounting a serious challenge?

Curiously, unless I missed it, this issue could not be found on the leading local news sites.



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