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March 22, 2016

In this interview, Victor Corpuz talks extensively about his involvement in the underground:

  • how he guided the PMA armory raid by the NPA
  • the arms shipment via the MV Karagatan
  • how he  could have influenced the minds of younger military men (like Ping Lacson and  Greg Honasan who were his students at the PMA)
  • how  as rebels they radicalized the masses using metaphors
  • his reasons for joining the underground
  • the disillusionment within the movement
  • the discussions leading to the Plaza Miranda bombing
  • the immediate consequences of the Plaza Miranda bombing, the radicalization and repression as predicted by Joma Sison
  • how he was assigned to formulate and devise the military training of the NPA
  • the trial and execution of Danny Cordero that led to the revelations about the Plaza Miranda bombing
  • about Rolly Kintanar and his murder

For the other side, let us hear it from the man himself, Professor Jose Ma. Sison.


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